There's a $55K salary difference between the best and worst states for doctors, according to Zippia

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Nevada is the best state for doctors, according to a Zippia analysis. (Getty/utah778)

Based on salaries and job opportunities, Nevada is the best state for doctors and New York is the worst. So what are doctors making there?

The average annual salary for doctors in Nevada is $157,658, according to a report from Zippia, a resource site for job seekers. That’s $55,207 more than doctors in New York, where the median pay is $102,478, the research found.

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While doctors may be the highest paid profession on average, not all states offer the same level of opportunity or quality of life for doctors, the company said. It analyzed pay and job opportunities to identify the states that treat doctors the best and ranked each one. They compared salary data relative to a state’s cost of living.

Of course, ranking the best and worst states to practice medicine depends on the criteria used for the analysis. WalletHub’s recent ranking found Montana was the best state but agreed New York was the worst. WalletHub compared states based on annual wages but also the number of hospitals per capita and the cost of malpractice insurance.

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According to the Zippia statistics, in Nevada, the lowest 10% of doctors earn an average salary of $97,000, but the highest 10% earn an average of $255,000.

Here’s the list of the top four best states after Nevada:

2. Minnesota—Average annual salary: $158,812. The lowest 10%: $100,000. The highest 10%: $251,000.

3. Idaho—Average annual salary: $151,803. The lowest 10%: $93,000. The highest 10%: $247,000.

4. Washington—Average annual salary: $169,321. The lowest 10%: $112,000. The highest 10%: $255,000.

5. New Mexico—Average annual salary: $149,874. The lowest 10%: $92,000. The highest 10%: $241,000.

The company published the list of best states for jobs to help doctors trying to decide where to start their career or where to move to advance their career.

Malden, Massachusetts, located just outside of Boston, is the best city in America for doctors with the highest pay, the research found.

Massachusetts ranks seventh on the list of best states for doctors, with an average annual salary of $166,967.

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