RxVantage Spotlights Still Cloudy Sunshine Act Regulations

Company Hosts Free Webinar April 11: Sunshine Act and Pharma

RxVantage Spotlights Still Cloudy Sunshine Act Regulations

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To help answer the many questions still surrounding the recently released regulations for the Physician Payment Sunshine Act, , the nation’s largest online scheduling system that improves patient outcomes by enhancing the relationship between medical representatives and physicians’ offices, is offering a free webinar entitled: Slated for Thursday April 11 at 2 p.m. EDT, the webinar will be presented by RxVantage Vice President of Sales James Dwyer and Director of Marketing Vanessa Towning, in addition to , Ph.D., R.Ph, a noted pharmaceutical industry and speaker.

The Sunshine Act was intended to bring transparency to physician ownership, financial transactions and relationships with industry businesses and pharmaceutical manufacturers, and to help avoid potential conflicts of interest. With new regulations released in February of this year, the Act covers a range of issues – from reporting to audit requirements. Physicians still determine how to interact with industry reps; only now, the major change is such interactions can be reported and made public.

“Pharmaceutical companies and doctors work together every day to extend and improve the quality of life for their patients,” said Daniel Gilman, co-founder and chief information officer for RxVantage. “The Sunshine Act is intended to ensure transparency in instances when this collaboration involves pharma compensating doctors for their expertise and time. Our webinar will address the evolving legislation and how The Act affects the most important stakeholders, the providers themselves.”

Key takeaways from the webinar include:

Medical practices that use RxVantage can demonstrate that the service has a robust vendor policy in place and can produce a complete history of vendor activity within their practice, should the need arise. Given the thousands of healthcare professionals RxVantage services, their team has the expertise and insight needed to help guide medical providers to understand and comply with the Sunshine Act, as well as ensure they leverage relationships with medical representatives to improve patient outcomes.

Click to register for the free 30-minute webinar, or call 866 464 2157. A recording of the presentation will also be posted to .

Based in Los Angeles, RxVantage is an online service that strives to improve patient outcomes and enhance the relationship between medical representatives and physicians’ offices. The RxVantage platform enables busy medical practices to save thousands of dollars in overhead through a dedicated online medical rep scheduling calendar, up-to-date directory of patient assistance programs, and drug coupon database. For medical representatives, RxVantage’s efficiency tools provide more opportunity to deliver educational materials to physicians’ offices and contribute to improved patient care. Every day, tens of thousands of medical office managers, staff, doctors and medical representatives use the RxVantage platform. For more information visit or call 866 464 2157.

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