The role of physician services in hospital transformation

Guest post by Andrea J. Simon, former marketing, branding and culture change senior vice president at Hurley Medical Center in Flint, Michigan

After writing about my time as interim senior vice president for marketing, branding and physician services at Flint, Michigan's Hurley Medical Center from 2010 to 2012, I thought it was time to talk about physicians: services, relations and engagement.

Almost four years ago, Hurley employed only about 35 percent of the physicians--the rest were community doctors who typically divided their time between Hurley and another hospital. As a result, the hospital's inpatient admissions remained stagnant for several years.

When I arrived at Hurley as a consultant, they hired a team to build physician services, previously located in the medical staff office, which primarily focused on credentialing. To achieve real growth, physician services moved to marketing and branding and then reinvented into a business development

Yet, they lacked processes and systems to do their new job effectively. Additionally, the team had no strategy or tactics and little ROI accountability, much less a clear understanding of how to move market share or the data systems to help achieve desired results.

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