Retail insurance shopping catches on; Residents want access to prescription-monitoring data;

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> A national shortage of endocrinologists to treat diseases that often lead to weight gain may be exacerbating the obesity epidemic, now afflicting up to 38 percent of all U.S. adults, The Huffington Post reports. Article

> Running, even for small distances, affects numerous aspects of people's health, according to an article from Mayo Clinic Proceedings. Article

> Medical residents in Massachusetts can't access the state's prescription monitoring program database, even though they are allowed to prescribe the controlled substances on which epidemic numbers of Americans are hooked, The Boston Globe reports. Article

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> Despite the push for consumers to shop around to save money on their health plans in 2016, some have expressed frustration with the current price transparency tools provided by insurers, according to NPR. Article

> Even as the Affordable Care Act's marketplaces have led countless consumers to buy health coverage online, major insurers also are embracing the idea of operating physical stores that promise personalized customer service. Article

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