Recruiting tip: Ensure docs fit practice culture

Practices looking to beef up their teams in anticipation of the physician shortage brought on by health reform shouldn't wait to begin the recruiting process. But that doesn't mean you should rush into hiring candidates either since the wrong fit could result in costly turnover for your practice.

According to Becker's Hospital Review columnist Allison McCarthy, a principal with Barlow/McCarthy, practices should be especially mindful to assess qualities that aren't included in a physician's resume, such as his or her practice style or personality type. For example, if team-oriented physicians tend to succeed within your group, a physician who is fiercely independent may not be a good match.

You can also get a sense of whether a physician will complement the culture of your practice by having multiple individuals interview the candidate about different aspects of the physician's potential role. For example, a general surgeon might interview an OB/GYN candidate to assess his or her potential to fit into current operating room dynamics, McCarthy suggested. Similarly, your community's Chamber of Commerce director might ask the physician questions to evaluate his or her ability to become involved in the community and attract more patients.

A physician candidate's reaction--verbal and nonverbal--to this type of interview process will be telling as well. In general, it's a better sign if a candidate appears energized by the questions rather than puzzled or uncomfortable.

In addition to seeking candidates that mesh well with the practice, Jim Moniz, president of compensation and management firm Northeast VisionLink in Braintree, Mass., previously told FiercePracticeManagement that to retrain talent, create a value proposition to physicians, tying in short- and long-term incentives.

"Competitive salaries with bonuses are fundamental in attracting top-notch physicians, specialists and surgeons. However, to keep physicians, practices must create a value proposition that allow physicians to grow their wealth over time," Moniz said.

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