Pot doctors investigated; Dangerous insurance monopolies;

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> Four wildly different generations are now working together in U.S. offices, breeding a potential Petri dish for problems, noted Forbes, which offered solutions to help workers of all ages get along. Article

> Officials in Arizona are taking a hard look at what is and isn't working regarding its medical marijuana program, the Arizona Republic reported. Article

Provider News

> A deal involving St. Luke's Health System, an Idaho-based, not-for-profit health system, and the Saltzer Medical Group in Nampa--the state's largest independent physician practice, has resulted in the first lawsuit to challenge a hospital-physician buyout since the passage of the Affordable Care Act, FierceHealthcare reported. Article

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> According to a new study from the American Medical Association (AMA), in 15 states, only one insurer dominates with the majority share of the health insurance market, FierceHealthPayer reported. Article

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> According to a new study in the November issue of Health Affairs, EHR and e-health use will "dramatically" impact the amount and type of physician services needed in the future, FierceEMR reported. Article

And Finally…When the cops need to call Ghostbusters. Article