Physician practices see post-ACA revenue growth

Physicians have experienced revenue growth in the wake of the Affordable Care Act, according to a new issue brief from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF). Surprisingly, the effect was more pronounces among states that did not expand Medicaid eligibility. Doctors in non-expansion states saw their revenue rise 3.3 percent between 2013 and last year, according to the survey, which polled practices of more than 19,000 physicians who use practice software distributed by athenaHealth, which helped to underwrite the study. By comparison, those in expansion states saw their revenue rise 3 percent. "Despite the many disruptive changes associated with health reform, these data suggest that in terms of revenue growth for office-based physicians, so far it is largely a non-event," Kathy Hempstead, who directs coverage issues at the RWJF, said in a statement. "Moderate declines in visits were offset by small increases in intensity of treatment and allowed amounts, and while the source of new patients in expansion versus non-expansion states differs greatly, the end result for physicians appears to be quite similar." >> Read the full story from FierceHealthFinance