New 'Workshop Wednesday' provides managers hands-on learning

It's to be expected that even the most enthusiastic attendees will grow a little weary toward the end of a conference. Perhaps that's why MGMA chose to designate the final day, Oct. 27, as "Workshop Wednesday"--a perfect opportunity to get your blood flowing with some hands-on learning you can apply the instant you get off the plane (give or take, depending on how well your practice is faring without you).

Beginning at 9:30 Wednesday morning, take 90 minutes to roll up your sleeves and interactively learn how to:

  • Use Microsoft Excel to analyze practice data, such as collections, fee schedules and more.
  • Enhance your patients' experience by creating a passion for quality customer service among your employees.
  • Effectively execute the right negotiation tactics for specific situations, such as payer contracts, employee salaries and more. Get a sneak peek of the tips offered by session-leader Randy Cook on the MGMA In Practice Blog.
  • Understand how stress inhibits optimal workplace performance and how to get your staff (and yourself) on a more even keel.
  • Run a smooth, efficient practice by applying Lean Six Sigma process-improvement tools.
  • Make the most of your electronic health record and other technologies by measuring current implementation success and coming up with a plan to achieve operational efficiencies and meaningful use.

All six intermediate-level sessions run simultaneously; but if multiple people from your practice are attending, you can divide and conquer. Session leaders include patient satisfaction expert Meryl Luallin, Lean Six Sigma champion Frank Cohen, EHR pro Rosemarie Nelson, and others.