New website sheds light on health costs; Hospital ratings under scrutiny;

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> As part of the movement to enhance price transparency for healthcare consumers, shows the average local cost for 70 common diagnoses and medical tests in most states, Kaiser Health News reported. Article

> More than 90 percent of hospitals and other healthcare facilities used temporary physicians last year, an indication that the physician shortage is still impacting providers, the Dallas/Fort Worth Healthcare Daily reported. Article

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> Four of the most popular ratings systems for hospital quality are often at odds, potentially confusing patients, according to an analysis published in Health Affairs. Article

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> States hoping to establish their own insurance exchanges should the Supreme Court rule tax subsidies legal only in states that set up their own marketplaces will face technical challenges. A handful may face legal challenges as well. Article

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> The Veterans Health Administration's Chief Business Office violated the law by misusing $92.5 million for an IT project, according to a report by the VA Office of Inspector General. Article

And Finally… A vice for the ages. Article