MediMobile Launches Official SafeTextMD Website, Releases Secure Messaging White Paper

MediMobile Launches Official SafeTextMD Website, Releases Secure Messaging White Paper

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MediMobile, the leading provider of mobile charge capture for physicians, today launched the official website for their new app, SafeTextMD. SafeTextMD is a HIPAA compliant secure messaging solution that will be released on April 24. The new website provides a more in-depth look at what SafeTextMD will have to offer healthcare professionals. A white paper about text messaging in health care and the SafeTextMD press kit are available as free downloads on the site.

SafeTextMD is a secure messaging app available for Apple and Android smartphones and tablets, and features a web portal as well. It was developed to address a growing problem in healthcare: the unsecured texting of electronic protected health information, or ePHI. SafeTextMD provides a free, HIPAA compliant solution for not only physicians but administrators, billers and support staff. Visit SafeTextMD’s new website to learn more.

To help explain the importance of secure messaging for both hospitals and clinics, MediMobile has released a free white paper, The Role of Text Messaging in Modern Healthcare. This paper examines how physicians are using text messaging in their practice today, and the importance of maintaining HIPAA compliance. Many physicians use texting in their medical practices because it is quick and unobtrusive, but standard texting does not sufficiently guard ePHI and can result in fines upwards of $10,000. You can download the free white paper from or .

To promote the launch of SafeTextMD, MediMobile is giving away 3 iPad minis, on our Facebook page: . Connect with MediMobile to stay in touch about the latest product news.

MediMobile has been developing mobile applications for healthcare providers since 2003, well before smart devices arrived on the market. Since the iPhone appeared in 2008, MediMobile has carefully adapted to this market and worked with physicians and specialists to create a smart and safe mobile app with a provider’s needs in mind.

MediMobile uses an ASP model to deliver solutions which allows clients to subscribe to MediMobile for a fraction of the cost of other solutions. Additionally, MediMobile’s unique design ensures secure data and full HIPAA compliance without the costly security solutions used by most other mHealth companies.

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