Man dies of tooth infection; Pill mill crackdown working;

> Unable to afford pain medication and antibiotics to treat a tooth infection, a 24-year old Ohio man died this week, offering a sobering reminder of the importance of oral health and the number of people without access to dental or healthcare, ABC News reports. Article

> The latest issue of Consumer Reports provide patients with advice on haggling with their doctors, NPR reports. Post

> On average, medical schools devoted five hours in their entire curriculum to teaching content related to lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender patients, according to the survey results appearing in Wednesday's Journal of the American Medical Association, ABC News reports. Article

> Doctors now have an extra month to apply for a hardship waiver to avoid being penalized for not adopting electronic prescribing in their practices, according to a final rule issued by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, Medpage Today reports. Article

> As a result of tougher laws, more than 400 Florida "pill mill" clinics either were shut down or closed their doors in the past year, the New York Times reports. Article

And Finally... When social media goes down the toilet. Literally. Article