Make the most of meetings; Hot healthcare jobs for 2016; and much more

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> There are several reasons patients have difficulty taking their medications as prescribed. The New York Times takes a look at some solutions that have and haven't helped clear up the confusion. Article

> The health stories that resonated most with the public over the past years are the ones that highlighted how much we don't know about human bodies and minds, according to The Washington Post. Article

> There are three key ways to ensure you get the most out of the time you invest in company meetings, according to Forbes. Post

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> Emergency doctors say federal regulations could create big bills for consumers seeking emergency care outside their provider networks, but health policy experts and consumer advocates warn their proposed solution doesn't take care of the problem, according to Kaiser Health News. Article

> The healthcare sector is expected to create at least 3.8 million new jobs in the United States by 2024 and Forbes has determined which ones will be the hottest in the next decade. Article

And Finally… V06.00XA: Grandma got run over by a reindeer. Article