Kaiser's medical school can revolutionize how docs are taught

By Aine Cryts

With its plans to launch a new medical school in 2019, Kaiser Permanente has the potential to revolutionize medical school education, according to an opinion piece in The Sacramento Bee. While most medical school programs today focus on the science of disease, with Kaiser's residency program and ability to hire thousands of physicians, its medical school can train the physicians of tomorrow to understand the cost of care, how to figure out a complex regulatory environment and how to use new technology, wrote Akhilesh Pathipati, a Stanford medical student. With leadership training, these future physicians will be better equipped to lead teams of nurses, pharmacists and physician assistants. Since Kaiser's hospitals and clinics use telemedicine to care for patients, medical students will learn in real time how to use these and other digital health tools that are revolutionizing medicine. Post


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