Fewer family docs treat children; Federal judge rules against ACA subsidies;

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> "Family" practices increasingly exclude children, the American Academy of Family Physicians reported. Post

> A fair call-coverage schedule for your practice is possible, according to these tips from Renal & Urology News. Article

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> Healthcare providers can take several steps to reduce patient "leakage," the industry term for primary care physicians who refer patients to out-of-system providers, rather than to those in their network, resulting in significant business losses, according to a blog post from Simon Associates' Kriss Barlow. Article

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> A federal judge in Oklahoma yesterday ruled that Affordable Care Act federal subsidies cannot be issued to residents living in states that do not run their own exchanges. Article

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> Electronic health records are too variable to be reliable or authentic and should be tested before being used in evidentiary proceedings, according to an article in the Ava Maria Law Review, a publication of the Naples-Florida-based Ava Maria School of Law. Article

And Finally…One kind of underwear you can return--and fast. Article