Distressing news about teenage moms; Warnings of the dangers of storing medical photos on smartphones;

News From Around the Web

> Teenage moms, who are educated about safe-sleeping practices to reduce the chance of infant death, often will make a deliberate decision to not follow those recommendations, according to a new study published in The Journal of Pediatrics. Study

> Think before taking that photo. The National Post in Canada warns of the ethical issues involving the storage of medical photos on smart phones. Article

> A retired surgeon talks to The Washington Post about his gender reassignment surgery at the age of 70. Article

EHR News

> Pediatric ophthalmologists are not immune from having to spend a large amount of time on electronic health records, which can adversely impact their efficiency, according to a new article in Helio.com. Article

> The American Health Information Management Association has created a new patient portal toolkit for health information management professionals. The toolkit highlights trends and provides guidance on related topics, the latest regulatory requirements, opportunities and challenges. Article

And Finally… A taste to die for. Article