Avoiding top insurance denials; Most nurses expect to delay retirement;

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> Often insurance denials come as a surprise, but this informational graphic from Physicians Practice hones in on the top five types of denials and how to prevent them. Article

> Now that many physicians have used electronic health records for about the past decade, the Massachusetts Medical Society presented an educational session offering the next chapter of best practices. Post

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> Nearly two out of three U.S. nurses worry that they will never be able to fully retire, according to a new study from Fidelity Investments, FierceHealthcare reported. Article

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> Some of the Affordable Care Act's biggest winners are chief executives at insurance companies who saw their salaries and benefits skyrocket since the law passed, FierceHealthPayer reported. Article

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> Although you can get patients to sample an eHealth solution, getting them to continue its use and to use it in a meaningful way is a more significant challenge, according FierceHealthIT. Article

And Finally… Grammarians ought to give a peace of their minds. Article