3 overlooked ways to energize tired employees

It's important to offer medical office employees scheduling flexibility and help them further their careers. Forbes includes this advice in a recent post about helping employees conquer exhaustion, in addition to back-to-basics tips offices frequently overlook.

One of the recommendations--let them take naps--may sound shocking. However, research shows that allowing short sleep periods on the job can boost productivity and the bottom line, wrote Brendon Schenecker, founder and CEO of Travel Vegas. In fact, "major companies such as Google and Proctor & Gamble … are actively incorporating nap rooms, sometimes called 'rejuvenation rooms,' and are experiencing nothing but growth," he noted.

The next recommendation, which should fit right into healthcare organizations' culture, is to stock the break room with foods that promote sustained energy. Rather than treating staff to coffee and doughnuts that set them up for a sugar crash later, consider providing or stocking the vending machine with more nourishing items. "Provide healthy sugars that fuel the brain in foods such as apples and bananas," Schenecker suggested, "along with sources of protein and good fat that keep blood sugar from spiking, such as Greek yogurt, lean deli meat and nuts."

Finally, check the thermostat. Excessive heat and cold can drain energy, so be sure employees have a comfortable work environment. In a medical office, however, make sure exam rooms are warm enough for patients who have to undress.

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