The 3 likely issues that will top Congress' to-do list next year regardless of who wins the election

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Policy experts from the Medical Group Management Association gave their take this week on what doctors should be watching in the upcoming presidential and Congressional elections. (Getty/Moussa81)

Regardless of who wins the elections in November, there are likely three issues that are going to dominate the (non-COVID-19) healthcare debates in Congress next year.

The top of that to-do list? Surprise billing reform, drug pricing reform and preexisting condition protections, according to Drew Voytal, associate director of government affairs for the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA).

"These should look familiar because they were hot discussion topics prior to when COVID really barged its way in and really dominated the conversation in the work of Congress right now," Voytal said, speaking at MGMA's annual conference on Monday. 

Each of these issues has at least some bipartisan support and MGMA expects those discussions to return to the agenda in 2021, Voytal said. 

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