3 free ways to please employees

Keeping employees happy and motivated doesn't have to break the bank.

Simple gestures of appreciation do a lot to make people feel good about coming to work and performing their best, FiercePracticeManagement previously reported.

A recent MonsterThinking.com post offered three more free (or cost saving) ways to keep staff motivated: 

  • Dress-down days: Allowing employees to wear clean-looking polo shirts and jeans to work one day is a surprisingly effective way to help employees feel refreshed and productive, according to Monster. And new research about infection control shows ditching the ties and long sleeves may be a good move for clinicians, too.

  • Social media shout-outs: Chances are, your employees have no idea how much you appreciate them. Personal notes from managers give staff meaningful reminders they can hold onto. But don't stop there. Use your practice's Facebook page to publicly recognize team members for a job well done. "With your employees' permission, include their photos to personalize notes highlighting their accomplishments," the post suggested. "Advertising success can only lead your staff to strive for more of it."

  • Telecommuting options: Although working from home isn't feasible for all medical office positions, some administrative work can be done anywhere. Offering such flexibility may not just ease employees' stress, it could help reduce your practice's overhead costs.

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