Healthcare startups looking to shift the industry status quo lament the rigid inflexibility that limits better solutions.

A new survey shows ACOs could leave the Medicare Shared Savings Program and fewer might enter if proposed changes are finalized.

Concerns have recently been raised about shrinking hospital margins, but one hospital sector is less susceptible to the squeeze: pediatric hospitals.

At AHIP's National Conference on Medicare, speakers explained why Medicare Plan Finder and star ratings don't give seniors the info they need.

As the single-payer debate heats up, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid administrator attacked it head-on at AHIP this week.

The startup plans to carve out a section of the industry by positioning itself as a "payvidor" that leverages cutting-edge technology.

CMS wants drug companies to put their list prices in television ads, but whether that policy is something it can enforce remains a major question. 

Uninsured adults with low incomes but who did not live in an expansion state were more likely to go without necessary healthcare than other groups.