A Georgia governor is hoping to pressure a hospital and an insurer to make a deal to get 650,000 beneficiaries out of limbo.

A class-action lawsuit filed last week accuses Cigna of colluding with an administrative claims vendor in a cost-shifting scheme to overcharge members.

A major health insurer isn't waiting for the Medicare agency to show its hand on how it will address the move toward value-based payments.

Blue states are fighting back against the Republican-controlled federal government's attempts at dismantling of the ACA.

The Medicare agency has moved to expand coverage of MRIs to patients with an implanted cardiac device, without "evidence-based" restrictions.

Medicare paid out $3.7 million in improper payments for telehealth services during a two-year period, according to the OIG.

MA plans have been touted as a way to give more control to seniors, but non-minorities may be reaping most of the benefits.

HSA and HDHP enrollments continue to grow each year, an approach backed by members of Congress and the administration.