Attendees at this year's AHIP conference will have one eye on value and technology, and another looking back on how the industry has changed.

A House funding bill includes a $168 million cut to CMS; the ACA lawsuit could impact employer-sponsored health plans.

A conversation with George W. Bush and a session on end-of-life care with Atul Gawande highlight the this year's AHIP Institute and Expo keynotes.

A federal appeals court dealt a blow to insurers on Thursday, ruling that HHS is not required to make risk corridor payments.

Federal approval of a merger between AT&T and Time Warner certainly doesn't hurt CVS and Aetna's chances, industry experts tell FierceHealthcare.

While everyone from Congress to Amazon is trying to overhaul the health insurance industry, most consumers are happy with the current setup.

Using customized secure messages to patients on specialty medications, CVS Health expanded its digital offerings to target hard-to-reach patients.

Legislation aimed at combating the opioid crisis is slowly making its way through the Senate with a major focus on Medicare and Medicaid.