Why presidential candidates are praising foreign healthcare systems; A look at selling insurance coverage across state lines

> Presidential candidates Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders express approval of health systems in other countries, saying foreign nations spend less on healthcare and their citizens have better access to care. The Los Angeles Times dissects why and how their campaigns have put a renewed spotlight on the U.S. healthcare system. Article

> An article from the American Enterprise Institute examines the pros and cons of selling health insurance across state lines, arguing that insurers should be allowed to sell health insurance according to the rules of a single state of their choosing, regardless of where their customers live. Article

> On Friday, Republicans passed a bill in the Mississippi House that requires officials to maintain a computerized record of Medicaid recipients' information and check it against information from federal databases as well as perform regular audits of Medicaid recipients and penalize those who fail to update those records, according to WBBJ.com. Article

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> Denial rates for ICD-10 claims are at about 1.6 percent, according to a report by RelayHealth Financial. Article

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> Members of Congress say they can't address problems with the Veterans Affairs' wait-time scandal because the agency's Office of Inspector General hasn't released its investigative findings. Article

And finally…  Even stars at the Oscars are addicted to cookies. Article