Why an ACA repeal would be tough sell; 25% of Texans do not understand basic health insurance terms

> The fact that the number of uninsured Americans has plummeted since the Affordable Care Act took effect would make repealing the law a very tough sell at this point, Commonwealth Fund President David Blumenthal writes in a blog post for the Wall Street JournalPost

> Approximately 1 in 4 Texans do not understand some of the most basic terminology about health insurance plans, according to new research from Rice University's Baker Institute. The report found that uninsured, low-income and Hispanic Texans were least likely to understand health-plan terms such as "premium," "copayment" and "provider network." Issue brief

>  Though the Affordable Care Act extended how long young American adults could stay on their parents' insurance, once they turn 26 many end up falling through a coverage gap, The Guardian reports. Article

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> "Street medicine"--essentially making house calls to the homeless--is apparently an effective way for hospitals to cut costs regarding the patients most likely to make repeat visits to the emergency room. Article

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> In the push for improved healthcare delivery, many in the industry seek to find "measures that matter"--that is, paring down the care quality measures to only the most meaningful measures. Article

And finally… Please pass the Pi. Article