Who will take over for Braly at WellPoint?

Since WellPoint's CEO Angela Braly announced her resignation, the industry has been abuzz about who will become the newest chief executive of the nation's second largest insurer. Talk of possible candidates to replace Braly focuses on four key figures--UnitedHealth exec Gail Boudreaux, Amerigroup CEO Jim Carlson, former Medco Health Solutions CEO David Snow and former Aetna CEO Ron Williams, Reuters reported. Some analysts and industry experts think WellPoint should look for an external candidate who doesn't have past connections to the company or its board. "It needs a fresh set of eyes in order to make the kind of changes that will lead to better execution," David Shove, an analyst with BMO Capital Markets, told Reuters. And given the recent merger and acquisition trend throughout the industry, several qualified candidates are available. "There's a fairly wide open field of play here," he added. Article

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