Which CEO would get biggest golden parachute in health insurer merger?

The chief executives of three of the major U.S. health insurers currently locked in merger maneuvering have a lot to gain if takeover bids for their companies come to fruition, Bloomberg reports. Aetna CEO Mark Bertolini stands to receive the biggest golden parachute, as he would walk away with $131 million if he loses his position in an acquisition. Cigna CEO David Cordani would get considerably less, but still a hefty sum at $58.7 million, according to Bloomberg, followed by Humana CEO Bruce Broussard at $26.1 million. Aetna is a rumored takeover target of UnitedHealth, while Cigna has rebuffed recent acquisition attempts by Anthem, FireceHealthPayer has reported. Humana, while not the subject of the most recent merger rumors, remains a hot commodity due to its lucrative Medicare Advantage business. Article