What 6 health plan execs have to say about new payment, delivery models

As healthcare providers explore delivery and payment reform, health insurers also are moving toward new integrated delivery and payment models.

And health plan leaders have a lot to say about transforming the way Americans receive and pay for healthcare in today's consumer-oriented world.

So the editors at FierceHealthPayer combed through our exclusive interviews with health plan leaders to round up the most thought-provoking and memorable quotes about patient-centered medical homes, accountable care organizations and more.

Here are six of our favorite quotes from FierceHealthPayer interviews over the past 12 months:

1. "If you believe physicians and hospitals are the right people to manage the care process in a convenient, high-quality, low-cost way, then why wouldn't you share all the data that you possibly can to help them achieve that?"

Who said it: Charles Kennedy, CEO of Aetna's accountable care solutions, discussing the insurer's ACO strategy that empowers providers with unprecedented access to claims data.

2. "Our motto is 'no PCP left behind' with a goal of meeting providers where they are and taking them to that next level."

Who said it: Jill Hummel, WellPoint's vice president of payment innovation, highlighting plans to evolve a patient-centered primary care program that includes large sophisticated provider practices and small, independent primary care physician offices.

3. "But if there's nothing to improve, it's just a waste of their time."

Who said it: Brian Holt, Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina's director of strategic reimbursement and contracting, explaining the provider communication involved in a bundled payment initiative.

4. "The program is better than self-funding; it's cost saving. This is a sweet spot here in terms of the quality and cost opportunities available."

Who said it: Scott Sarran, chief medical officer of government programs at HCSC, highlighting the success of an intensive medical home built around persistently and actionably high-risk, high-cost members.

5. "Health is a very emotional condition, so consumers want it very personal."

Who said it: UnitedHealth Chief Consumer Officer Tom Paul, explaining why the insurer is moving away from a one-size-fits-all approach to more personalized health plan offerings.

6. "We're still an insurance company and a percentage of the population isn't going to trust us as far as they can throw us."

Who said it: Matt Fidler, vice president of consumerism and retail marketing for Highmark, noting that word-of-mouth marketing is key to successful price transparency initiatives.