West Coast leading way in special enrollment signups; California lawmakers won't get insurance from state exchange;

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> California and Washington have seen 38,000 residents sign up for health insurance during the special enrollment period, according to CNBC. That's more than half of the total on Healthcare.gov. People around the country have until April 30 to sign up for coverage and avoid paying the uninsurance tax penalty. Article

> Democratic lawmakers in California struck down a plan to require all state legislators to obtain insurance through the state insurance exchange, the Los Angeles Times reported. Those opposed to the measure say it violated the Affordable Care Act provision that prohibits large employers from shifting employees to the exchanges. Article

> Excellus Blue Cross/Blue Shield owes the people of central New York more than $2.5 million, according to Local Syracuse. The insurer issued checks to providers and members in 2011, but 13,000 checks haven't been cashed. Excellus has set up a database where New Yorkers can see if they are due to receive the "forgotten funds." Article

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> The federal government vastly underpays Puerto Rico's providers to provide care to its populace, creating a fiscal crisis. Article

> Hospital patients continued to feel increased financial pressure in 2014 due to rising healthcare costs and less access to revolving credit to pay medical bills, according to a new report from TransUnion Healthcare. Article

And finally … New York City's animals have a rough commute, too. Article