Waste and errors still a problem; Big data not a 'magic weapon' for healthcare;

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> The California Department of Health Care Services reported a backlog of 800,000 Medi-Cal applications in April, a number that has grown by 100,000 going into the third month, according to Kaiser Health News. Article

> When it comes to overtreatment and preventable medical errors, patient care and health safety advocates said the industry isn't making enough progress, PoliticoPro reported. Article

> Former White House healthcare adviser Ezekiel Emanuel reinforced his warning that health insurers as we know them will be dead by 2025. He told Reuters insurers will shift to a model of managed care. Video

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> Big data isn't a "magic weapon that can solve all our problems," Eerke Boiten, a senior lecturer at the School of Computing and Director of Interdisciplinary Cyber Security Centre at University of Kent, writes in an article at The Conversation. He says no case review has shown large data collection would "get the right knowledge to the right person." Article

> During 2014's first six months, 143 digital health companies raised $2.3 billion, setting the stage for a record-breaking year, reports San Francisco-based digital health seed fund Rock Health. Article

And Finally... Even tortoises get preventive care. Article