Ventura County Medi-Cal health plan probed; How Tennessee transformed Medicaid with managed care;

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> California officials are investigating financial dealings between Ventura County's Medi-Cal health plan and a key outside contractor, Xerox Corp., according to the Los Angeles TimesArticle

> Tennessee is transforming its Medicaid system with managed care and succeeding at lowering costs, reports Healthcare Payer News. Article

> The Mississippi Department of Insurance says it is encouraged by sign-up levels for an Internet-based small business health insurance exchange that has already completed a series of open enrollments, the Mississippi Business Journal reports. Article

Provider News

> Many military hospitals are too small with too few patients to produce quality outcomes, according to a New York Times investigation. Article

> Although hospitals have long used therapy dogs to help patients, the animals can also help relieve the stress of emergency room doctors and nurses who must handle life-and-death situations every day. Article

> As disruptive behavior among physicians increases, hospital leaders must encourage physicians to practice etiquette-based medicine and promote a sense of empathy and compassion among staff. Article

> The Department of Veterans Affairs Office of Inspector General yesterday released a summary and its full report on potential obstruction of justice within the Phoenix VA. Article

And finally … Next time a squirrel annoys you. Article