UnitedHealth, Mayo Clinic join Boston Scientific; Insurers not worried about few young adults enrollments;

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> Boston Scientific is joining the healthcare innovation partnership Optum Labs, spearheaded by UnitedHealth and the Mayo Clinic. As part of the group, the medical device company will work to support research that addresses the complexities, unmet needs and challenges facing patients with heart failure, the Minneapolis Star Tribune reported. Article

> Insurers aren't worried that only 28 percent of the 8 million new exchange enrollees are young adults. Even Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield of West Virginia isn't sweating the fact that 19 percent of the state's exchange enrollees were young, Bloomberg reported. Article

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> The challenges facing healthcare organizations, including rising rates of chronic disease, clinician shortages and an aging population, require strong leadership from doctors. Article

> Hospitals should contact their legislators and demand they rein in recovery audit contractors by supporting the Medicare Audit Improvement Act, says Rick Pollack, executive vice president of the American Hospital Association. Article

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> Although you can get patients to sample an eHealth solution, getting them to continue its use and to use it in a meaningful way is a more significant challenge. Article

> Adapt or disappear, the American Health Information Management Association warns as it presses its members to pursue advanced training with its Reality 2016 education initiative. Article

And Finally... A weapon you can eat. Article