A new study offers encouraging signs that physicians are getting more comfortable with new payment models—though barriers remain.

UnitedHealth announced the launch of Optum Ventures, which will devote $250 million to funding digital health startups.

President Donald Trump is said to support two Affordable Care Act stabilization bills—including one that funds CSRs payments.

Just 1.2% of people enrolled in Humana's wellness program activated an activity tracker, but 80% continued using the device for six months, a new study…

Telehealth, interoperability and access to real-time data were among the issues raised by providers and health IT groups as CMS explores CMMI changes.

Optum has completed its purchase of the healthcare division of The Advisory Board Company.

The OIG plans to review Medicaid telehealth payments to gauge compliance with reimbursement requirements, citing a significant increase in claims.

UnitedHealthcare’s wellness program has expanded the range of wearable devices that participants are allowed to use.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association has partnered with a new company to offer personalized diabetes care to members of its affiliated health plans.

CareFirst CEO Chet Burrell knows a thing or two about how to execute a successful patient-centered medical home model.