Survey: Business volume, new markets to boost insurance industry hiring

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The health and life insurance sectors could see a jump in new hires over the next 12 months, according to a report that predicts expanding markets and a surge in business volume will fuel the trend. 

According to a small survey of 20 companies conducted by two Aon subsidiaries, The Jacobson Group and Ward Group, the percentage of insurance companies hiring new employees has increased gradually since 2009 when fewer than 40 percent of respondents were planning to hire.

The life and health sector saw a comparatively smaller hiring trend in 2016, with 60 percent of respondents planning to hire in the next 12 months, down six points from last year. Small employers are particularly eager to add new staff members, with 75 percent indicating they have hiring plans.

“If the industry follows through on its plans, we will see a 1.37 percent increase in industry employment during the next 12 months,” said Gregory P. Jacobson, co-chief executive officer of Jacobson.

Over the past year, companies like Aetna and Cigna have using creative hiring practices to attract millennials, a group that can offer new pathways to enrolling younger consumers.

- here’s the Jacobson/Ward release