Study criticizes Medicare's competitive bidding process for diabetes test strips; Taking a closer look at the rise of critical illness policies

> A competitive bidding program for diabetes test strips that was supposed to reduce Medicare costs has ended up encouraging rock-bottom prices and low standards, thus putting patients at risk and actually driving up costs, according to study published in the journal Diabetes Care. Study

> While critical illness policies have become increasingly popular among consumers shouldering more and more healthcare costs, some experts say people shouldn't buy them at the expense of other policies, nor expect them to act as a "gap filler" for high-deductible health plans, according to the New York Times. Article

> In states that have not expanded Medicaid, low-income women face even more difficulties in accessing and affording recommended screenings for breast and cervical cancer, according to a study published in Women's Health Issues. Study

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> Two studies in the American Journal of Public Health discovered healthcare disparities that cause gay, lesbian and bisexual patients to suffer more health problems, including highly preventable illnesses such as pneumonia. Article

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> The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has released a new tool that will help improve knowledge of the geographic disparities in the health of Medicare patients. Article

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