States say data hub is challenge to launching exchanges; Small businesses must buy employee coverage via D.C. exchange;

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> Several states that will run their own health insurance exchange say the federal data hub that the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services will use to connect exchanges with federal agencies is the biggest challenge to successfully launching the online marketplaces, Governing reported. Article

> The Washington, D.C. Council voted to require all small businesses to buy their employees' health insurance through the health insurance exchange starting in 2015, reported the Washington Business Journal. Article

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> The U.S. Department of Health & Human Services released an updated action plan to combat infections acquired during the course of receiving healthcare services. Article

> An examination of how colonoscopies are administered in the United States reveals some of the reasons that the nation's healthcare system is the priciest in the world. Article

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> Big data is an enigma when it comes to healthcare. There are infinite positive possibilities for big data use, such as improving patient safety via openly available medication information; yet big data also represents big privacy issues. Article

> Hospital data compiled by states and sold to researchers, marketers and others could be used to identify patients when combined with other publicly available information. Article

And Finally… Can't remember meeting that person before? You're probably a guy. Article