State Medicaid IT project goes live; 4 in 10 older adults burdened by demands of healthcare system;

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> After a series of delays, the multimillion-dollar North Dakota Department of Human Services IT project, Medicade Management Information Systems, successfully went live this week. The question now is whether or not it will improve services for residents. Article

>Two Humana shareholders have filed suit to block Aetna's purchase of the insurer, saying the acqusition will not benefit them. Article

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> According to the Department of Justice, a national nursing home pharmacy has agreed to pay almost $10 million to resolve claims that it took kickbacks from Abbott Laboratories to promote the anti-seizure medication Depokate. Article

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> It's not uncommon for a healthcare team's members to not know one another's names. In order for there to be a strong source of care, experts say that those delivering the care need to have strong relationships with each other. Article

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> A significant number of older adult patients in the U.S. are unable to cope with the complexities of navigating the modern healthcare system, according to a study published in the Journal of General Internal Medicine. Article

And finally... Your favorite fall activities according to Instagram vs. reality. Article


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