Restaurant-focused insurance exchange launches in D.C.; Do Medicare patients benefit from skyrocketing mammo costs?;

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> Sixty-eight percent of more than 1,000 adults say their view of the healthcare reform law will influence how they vote in November's Congressional elections, according to a new survey from Bankrate. Survey

> The District of Columbia now has a private insurance exchange geared at area restaurants and bars with more than 100 employees, The Washington Post reported. Article

> Although last week's Supreme Court rulings allowed some employers with religious objections to opt out of the contraceptive coverage mandate, most companies are moving in the opposite direction, the Associated Press reported. Article

> An article in The Tenneseean features a married couple who separated so that the wife can keep her health insurance. The couple is among 162,000 in the state who got caught in a coverage gap: Their household income is too little to qualify for a government subsidy to buy health insurance and they live in a state not expanding Medicaid. Article

Medical Imaging News

> The costs to Medicare to cover mammography screening skyrocketed in the first decade of the 21st Century, according to a study published online July 1 in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute. Article

> The misread X-ray of a woman who ultimately died from lung cancer has resulted in a multimillion dollar malpractice award. Article

And Finally... Maybe "football" would have beat "soccer" if all those other countries didn't spell so funny. Article