Ten CEOs made this year's "notorious CEO" list for a variety of reasons: risky political views, promoting bad science, wreaking financial havoc…

The country’s biggest for-profit health insurers have become increasingly dependent on Medicare and Medicaid for both profits and growth.

A short-term government funding bill includes a provision aimed at helping states keep their Children’s Health Insurance Programs afloat.

Now that CVS and Aetna have made their merger agreement official, another major insurer may be in the market for a deal of its own.

The gap between the haves and have-nots has grown wider in the health insurance sector—and policy changes may be the culprit.

CMS is developing new payment models aimed at reducing the cost of pricey drug treatments.

Spending on emergency room fees has increased steadily over the past several years as hospitals are more likely to code visits as severe.

Republicans have succeeded in passing a bill through the Senate that rolls back one of the ACA's most important tenets: the individual mandate.

CVS and Aetna are promising that their $69 billion merger will “revolutionize the consumer healthcare experience.”

From KHN: In October, an exec at one of the nation’s largest physician-practice management firms handed her bosses the equivalent of a live grenade.