Rate review applied to association health plans; BCBSF CEO says insurers lead affordability;

> Officials at the Center for Consumer Information and Insurance Oversight say that applying the new rate review rules to association health plans can help protect the enrollees, as well as the insurers operating outside the association plan market, according to the National Underwriter. Article

> Cigna has agreed to review and reprocess chiropractic benefit claims dating back to April 1, 2010, that may have been improperly denied under Connecticut law. Cigna's claims process didn't have payment codes for all the services chiropractors were authorized to provide, even though the same services provided by medical doctors were covered, according to the Connecticut Watchdog. Article

> Healthcare affordability is based on how the insurance industry controls the use of services, meaning "we want the absolute right service at the right time, delivered most efficiently," Blue Cross Blue Shield of Florida CEO Patrick Geraghty told the Florida Times-Union. Article

And finally... Smile--it's good for your social health. Article