Push for all-claims payer database an uphill battle; Clinton wants fix for 'outrageous' spike in Medicare bills;

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> Efforts to create an all-payer claims database in Michigan are facing an uphill battle. The goal is to increase healthcare price and quality transparency, but there are concerns about how to fund the effort, since there is no agreement on whether or not these databases actually save patients money. Article

> Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton has called on Congress to fix a looming spike in Medicare premiums, calling it "outrageous and senseless." There will be no increase in Social Security benefits next year--and many consumers face increased Medicare bills because of it. Story

> Insurance startup Harken Health will launch in the Chicago area on Nov. 1, when the Affordable Care Act's third open enrollment season begins, company executives told the Tribune in an exclusive interview. Harken will combine an insurance plan with its own medical clinics in a kind of holistic system that President Barack Obama's healthcare law encourages. Article

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> In order to combat the accusations that male nurses make higher wages than female nurses, several states across the country are offering higher-than-average salaries to registered nurses, with California topping the list. Article

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> UCLA Health System says new technology tools and other innovations must satisfy both patient and provider pain points when meeting workflow goals. Article

And Finally... Off the charts: A secret government reptile pandemic. Article