Premium watch-group saves consumers $24M; Meritage Medical joins surgical collaborative;

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> A consumer group in Oregon reports it has potentially saved beneficiaries $24M in 2015 by monitoring health insurance companies and how they set premiums, according to the Oregon Bulletin. Article

> Medical Network has been selected to participate in a Peri-Operative Surgical Home learning collaborative, a cutting edge, national program that improves patient outcomes and experience before, during and after surgery. Meritage contracts with HMOs on behalf of over 600 private practice physicians, according to an ABC affiliate in Flint, Michigan. Article

> Organizations in West Virginia have launched an initiative to improve healthcare quality throughout the state. West Virginians for Affordable Health Care on Thursday launched the initiative called Choosing Wisely in West Virginia, according to the Associated Press. Article

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> Peer pressure may improve hand-hygiene compliance, a new study by Infection Control & Hospital Epidemiology shows. When a healthcare worker was alone, the observed adherence rate was 20.85 percent. But when other healthcare workers were nearby, the adherence rate was 27.9 percent. Article

> Hospitals and healthcare facilities don't give nurses enough recognition, support or appreciation--and the effects are far-reaching, according to an opinion piece in the Richmond Times-Dispatch. Article

And finally … Keep friends close, but frenemies closer? Article