Patient safety expert Peter Pronovost, M.D., announced on Twitter that he will leave Johns Hopkins for UnitedHealthcare. 

Two big-name insurers revealed new initiatives aimed at curbing the nationwide opioid epidemic. 

Despite the common perception that the uninsured are more likely to visit the ER, new research contends that isn't actually the case.

States can see a significant return on investment by designing programs targeted at high-need, high-cost Medicaid enrollees.

Advocacy groups have some concrete recommendations as CMS looks to refine its efforts to promote value-based care.

When it comes to health insurance premiums in Medicare Advantage, competition among insurers matters a great deal.

The Blue Cross Blue Shield Association has partnered with a new company to offer personalized diabetes care to members of its affiliated health plans.

If he’s confirmed as the next secretary of the Department of Health and Human Services, Alex Azar will have his hands full.