Pelosi Statement on WellPoint Announcement to Implement Federal Rescission Reforms Early

WASHINGTON, April 27 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Speaker Nancy Pelosi released the following statement in response to WellPoint's announcement that it would implement rescission reforms in the health care bill ahead of schedule:

"WellPoint's announcement that it will move more quickly than the law requires to halt the shameful practice of dropping people when they get sick is a clear indication that the health insurance reform legislation passed by Democrats in Congress was the right thing to do and is making a difference for families nationwide.

"As our Congressional committee and subcommittee chairs wrote today to our country's largest insurers: 'These rescissions hurt patients who need coverage the most.' It is time for all insurance companies to end this practice immediately.

"Congressional Republicans who are calling for repeal of health care reform are standing with insurance companies that have denied Americans coverage based on a pre-existing condition.

"With the historic reforms now law and insurance companies making changes to come into compliance, Democrats have ensured that these shocking policies will be a thing of the past. We will continue standing up for America's families and small businesses."


SOURCE Office of the Speaker of the House