Paul Ryan wants to end financial protections for people with serious medical conditions; Maryland looks for public opinion on long-term coverage

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> U.S. House of Representatives Speaker Paul Ryan called for an end to the Affordable Care Act's financial protections for people with serious medical conditions, saying the restriction raises costs for healthy consumers but undermines choice and competition, Reuters reports. Article

> The Maryland Insurance Agency held a hearing this morning to discuss public views on long-term care coverage, according to The Washington Post. Article

> The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services has strengthened access to healthcare for individuals who are transitioning from incarceration back to their communities by extending coverage to Medicaid-eligible individuals living in community halfway houses. Announcement

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> More research is needed to gauge the impact noninvasive digital technologies have on care outcomes, especially in the long term. Article

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> The costs of emergency surgery are soaring, but research published Wednesday in JAMA Surgery found that just seven procedures account for 80 percent of admissions, inpatient costs, complications and deaths. Article

And Finally… The secret behind looking good in the 90s while at the mall: Glamour Shots. Article