Only 1 percent of Mass. exchange shoppers have paid for coverage; New York state extends deadline to Dec. 20;

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> Nearly 80,000 Massachusetts residents have used the state's insurance exchange to shop for coverage, but fewer than 1 percent have paid their first month's premiums, according to the Boston Globe. State officials aren't worried, as payments aren't due until Dec. 23. Article

> Due to historically inclement weather, New York state has extended the enrollment deadline on its state insurance to Dec. 20, according to BenefitsPro. Article

> Republicans face a key question as they await next year's Supreme Court ruling on subsidies for health insurance offered on the federal marketplace, according to the Wall Street Journal: Wait for the decision, and hope that the Affordable Care Act collapses under its own weight, or attack unpopular parts of the ACA one by one? Article

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> The average estimated cost of a telehealth visit saves about $100 or more compared to the estimated cost for in-person care, according to a recent study. Article

> The Omnibus Appropriations bill that passed Congress over the weekend will fund the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT at the same level as last fiscal year with a budget of just under $60.4 million. Article

And finally … New York City cat lovers, rejoice. Article