'Off Your Desk' the First of its Kind Health Insurance Reimbursement Service Launches Nationwide

New User-friendly Service Enables Americans to Regain Control of Their Medical Claims

NEW YORK, Nov. 15, 2010 /PRNewswire/ -- Off Your Desk, the first of its kind health insurance claims service for busy individuals and families, unveils its programs to consumers nationwide. The company provides its customers with an effortless way to manage health insurance claims and related paperwork.  Originally launched in February 2010 on an invitation-only basis, the company's services are now available nationally.  

It's no secret that dealing with health insurance claims and related paperwork is confusing and complicated.  The American Medical Association estimates that more than 20% of medical claims, even when submitted accurately, are processed incorrectly by commercial medical insurers.  

"Off Your Desk offers an effortless, high-value solution to the hassle of managing health insurance claims and related paperwork" said Jeff Pressman, President and Founder of Off Your Desk.  "Our customers simply send us their routine insurance paperwork and medical bills, and our team of highly experienced claims experts takes it from there. Just as accountants help busy people manage their taxes, we work tirelessly to ensure our customers get back everything that they deserve, painlessly."

How it works: customers send in their insurance statements and medical bills using prepaid mailers and Off Your Desk's expert team manages the process from there. Customers can view and track everything via a privacy-protected online portal.

Off Your Desk's Service Plans:

  • Catch-Up Plan: Many consumers have accumulated a stack of older, un-processed paperwork.  Under this plan, Off Your Desk will organize all that paperwork, audit existing claims for accuracy, and submit new claims when necessary. ($295 one-time fee)
  • Monthly Support Plan: Under this plan, Off Your Desk becomes the customer's constant resource, processing new paperwork as it comes in and constantly working to maximize reimbursement. ($65 base fee/ month)
  • Custom Packages: For consumers with special requirements, Off Your Desk will design a custom package to suit each customer's needs.  A popular example is the company's "Stork Package", designed to handle the insurance hassles that often burden expecting moms.
  • Customer Advocacy: As experts in navigating health insurance plans and claims, Off Your Desk will stand by as a knowledgeable advisor for the needs of each customer, and provide help processing occasional claims. ($195 base fee/ year)


SOURCE Off Your Desk