Obama orders tech surge to fix exchange website problems

President Barack Obama said there's no excuse for the technical glitches that have beleaguered the health insurance exchanges since opening and  he's taking steps to remove the problems, reported FierceHealthcare. In a speech in the White House Rose Garden, Obama spoke about HealthCare.gov, saying "it's too slow, people are getting stuck during the application process, and it's fair to say no one is more frustrated than I am." But he added that he's confident his administration can fix all of the technical problems. In fact, the U.S. Department of Health & Human Services already has launched a "tech surge" to solve some of the more complicated technical problems, including recruiting "the best and brightest" tech experts to work on the exchange website. U.S. Technology Chief Todd Park as well as several innovation fellows from the private sector, academia and nonprofits have all been hired to help fix the glitches. The administration also has performed several website updates, scheduled regular maintenance, and set up monitors to prioritize and fix errors. Obama reminded consumers that they can bypass the HealthCare.gov website to sign up for coverage while his team works to solve the technical issues. >> Read the full article at FierceHealthcare