Obama admin warns states against blocking Medicaid funds for Planned Parenthood; CMS releases new guidance regarding SHOP requirements

> The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services has issued new guidance regarding online enrollment requirements for state-based Small Business Health Options Programs. Announcement

> The Obama administration has warned state officials that attempting to defund Planned Parenthood by blocking their Medicaid funding may not comply with federal law, the Washington Post reports. Article

> Texas health officials confirmed Tuesday they have asked the Obama administration to keep a 15-month lifeline of federal Medicaid money flowing into the state to help hospitals treat uninsured patients. Article

AntiFraud News

> Supreme Court justices heard opening arguments from several attorneys on Tuesday regarding the validity of implied certification theory in False Claims Act litigation. Article

> A Santa Clara, California, jury awarded Aetna $37.4 million following a month-long trial in which the insurer accused a network of surgical centers of paying kickbacks to referring physicians, waiving patient co-pays and overbilling for out-of-network procedures. Article

And finally… We may all be sitting on a gold mine. Article