New York insurers told to inform providers, members about meningitis vaccine; Excellus to pay 9,000 people $1M in forgotten funds;

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> New York insurers are being urged to immediately inform providers and their members that they cover a vaccine for a new form of meningitis. Insurers should make the information available through email, newsletters, websites and any other methods possible, reported the Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. Article

> Excellus Health Plan and BlueCross BlueShield is trying to pay more than 9,000 people roughly $1 million in checks that were never claimed in 2009, YNN reported. The insurer says the "forgotten funds" weren't collected because the members moved, died or forgot about the money. Article

Health Provider News:

> Primary care doctors show less concern and empathy for overweight and obese patients compared to their normal-weight counterparts. Article

> Although team-based care models can effectively improve health outcomes, happier patients and more satisfied physicians and staff, most doctors need more help implementing the models. Article

Health IT News:

> New electronic health records with extra guidance for prescribing can reduce prescription error rates over time. Article

> Facebook interests could help predict and track obesity, according to a study that geotagged Facebook user data and compared it with data from national surveys. Public health researchers could predict, track and map obesity rates while offering an geotargeted online interventions to reduce obesity rates. Article

And Finally… Learn to read while potty training. Article