New York exchange allows dead people to enroll in Medicaid; Groups say must do more to encourage voting registration;

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> New York's health insurance exchange allowed 21 dead people to enroll in Medicaid and 333 to continue to get coverage after they had died, according to a state audit obtained by the Associated Press. Article

> Activists and officials in Montana believe that the federal government is on the brink of approving the state's plan to expand Medicaid, MTN News reports. Article

> Voting rights groups aren't satisfied with the federal health insurance exchange's new feature that gives customers a link to a voter registration form, saying it doesn't go far enough in expanding opportunities to register, according to the New York Times. Article

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> A rare bipartisan budget agreement reached in Congress makes it likely that there will be no government shutdown over spending issues, but hospitals say they are shut out. Article

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> More than 70 percent of a chief executive officer's influence over a company's performance can be attributed to luck, according to a study published in the Strategic Management Journal. Article

And finally... When gourds attack. Article