National Patient Advocate Foundation Joins White House Affordable Care Act Briefing

NPAF Founder and CEO Nancy Davenport-Ennis Attends White House Planning Session for Raising Awareness of ACA's Consumer-Focused Offerings and Successes To Celebrate Second Anniversary

WASHINGTON, March 14, 2012 /PRNewswire-USNewswire/ -- Representing the nation's leading patient advocacy organization, National Patient Advocate Foundation (NPAF) Founder and CEO Nancy Davenport-Ennis attended a White House strategy session last week to generate plans for raising awareness of the consumer-focused benefits the Affordable Care Act (ACA) offers and the positive impact it is making on Americans' lives as the law approaches its two-year anniversary on March 23. Next week, NPAF will join the Administration and other health care organizations in executing a number of outreach activities designed to educate the public on the progress the ACA is making in expanding access to high quality, affordable health care.

"NPAF looks forward to helping champion the historic health care reform law and celebrating the steps it is taking in ensuring access to health care for all Americans. As the data from Patient Advocate Foundation now shows clear improvements for children on parental policies up to the age of 26 years and improved access for patients with pre-existing conditions," said Davenport-Ennis. "We appreciate having this opportunity to share our ideas with the White House and to add our voice to this important campaign."

In addition to the ACA's upcoming anniversary, three days of Supreme Court oral arguments regarding the law's constitutionality will begin on March 26.  NPAF will have a lawyer from their DC staff attending the trial and providing a first person account of the court activities. NPAF joined other national organizations representing patients, caregivers and religious organizations that were invited to the White House meeting to assist in coordinating public events that call attention to the tangible difference the law is making for consumers and describe the threat that a Supreme Court ruling against the ACA could present to those benefits.

Although several of the ACA's key provisions will not take effect until 2014, the law has made notable progress in several areas, such as prohibiting discrimination against individuals with pre-existing conditions, providing free preventive care and expanding insurance choices for young adults and children. NPAF will join organizations in showcasing the law's benefits for seniors, women and young adults; its provision of lower costs and its addressing of pre-existing conditions.

"NPAF has long supported the Affordable Care Act and its objectives in improving our nation's health care delivery – and we applaud the value it has already provided for patients with pre-existing conditions who seek access to health care services," said Davenport-Ennis. "While NPAF acknowledges that the law continues to have areas that are controversial and being challenged with legislative amendments, we are pleased to join with the Administration, patient advocates and other health care stakeholders in highlighting how far the law has come in its first two years to address insurance reforms that are improving access for people with chronic, debilitating and life threatening conditions."

SOURCE National Patient Advocate Foundation