National Experts Converge in Colorado to Discuss Changing Health Care Environment

Colorado Health FoundationJaclyn Lensen, 303-953-3631

One of the leading national health policy conferences in the country, the offers the unique chance to interact with many of the leading experts in health and health care.

Health and health care are undergoing a profound and unprecedented transformation, driven by public policy changes, consumer demand, market forces and economic realities. With the theme, “,” this year's Symposium will inspire Colorado health leaders by showing where innovations are already taking hold and setting a course to move forward.

Now entering its 32 year, the shows why the event is regarded as one of the most widely discussed health policy conferences in the country. A few of this year’s notable speakers include:

Along with the aforementioned speakers, the Symposium will feature an impressive roster of national thought leaders, discovery sessions and events that will engage, entertain and provoke discussion. The in-person conference offers live-streaming opportunities so people can watch online from the convenience of their computer.

“This year’s Symposium is focused on the changes, challenges and opportunities in health and health care that will shape our future,” said , president and CEO of the Colorado Health Foundation. “This year’s event will give participants, both at the conference and those attending virtually, a chance to explore these possibilities from many different perspectives.”

To extend the conversation, the Foundation offers a variety of social media channels so anyone can engage in the 2013 Colorado Health Symposium:

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